When you are about to move or relocate in Amsterdam, you can consider the following options:
– Do it all yourself.
– Hire a mover for the difficult stuff.
– Leave the whole job to the professionals.


If you decide on hiring a removal company in Amsterdam for a partial or complete move, Bram Waterman can serve you very well. Bram has many years of experience with moving in Amsterdam. As self-emploid, Bram used to work for several moving companies. But you can hire Bram now direct.


The removal services from Brambo Removals are:
– advising
– lifting (almost nothing is too heavy for Bram)
– Bram’s van + trailer 20m3
– 22m3 van
– outside moving elevator
– rope and pulley
– safe loading
– extra strong men
– packing
– dismounting and mounting of furniture
– sealing in plastic foil of fragile things
– leading the moving
– delivery of moving boxes
– storage
– art transportation


Bram is available for a free consultation at your home where he can evaluate your needs and advise on the easiest most efficient and stress-free-way to get you and your belongings to your new home in Amsterdam.


Brambo Removals, for your removals and relocations in Amsterdam.